Your child’s birthday is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. Choosing the right venue for their birthday party can make a big difference in the success and fun factor of the event. Here are some tips for finding the perfect birthday party venue.

Consider Your Options

Determine what type of venue you want for the party. Your options include:

-Backyard or home: Simple, comfortable and low-budget option but may lack space and amenities for a large group.

-Community center: Inexpensive, has space, tables and chairs but may lack decorating options and usually cannot accommodate messy activities.

-Entertainment venue: Places like Jump zones, trampoline parks, bowling allies, and gyms provide the structures and amenities for the activities and games your children and their guests will enjoy most. However, these can be pricier options.

-Restaurant private room: Provides food, tables and chairs but lacks space for running around and has limited party decoration options. Food costs can add up.

Evaluate Amenities

Look at what amenities are offered that make the venue a good fit for your child’s guest list and party plans. Things to consider include:

-Space for guests: Enough room for running around, potentially divided into separate activity areas
-Tables and chairs for eating
-Kitchen access for food prep and storage
-Outdoor space
-WiFi access
-Audio-visual equipment for music

Check Policy Details

When contacting potential venues, ask about:

-Party time availability
-Any minimum guest requirements
-Fee structure – hourly rate, activity fees, etc.
-Cancellation policy
-What decorations and activities are allowed
-If catering or outside food is permitted

Plan Ahead

Budget extra time for venue setup and cleanup before and after the allotted party time. Consider booking the venue for a longer block to ensure you have enough time. Make a checklist of anything you need to bring – tablecloths, decorations, supplies for activities, food and drinks, gifts and cards. Contact the venue in advance with any requests.


With the right research and planning, you can find the perfect venue to make your child’s birthday more special. Focusing on your guest list size, activities, food plans and budget will help narrow your options and make the final venue choice an easy one. Most importantly, have fun celebrating your child!

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