As Houston continues to rapidly grow, the need for mental health and addiction services also increases. For those seeking support in their recovery journey, Smart Recovery Houston offers science-based resources and community.

SMART Recovery Houston provides mutual self-help support groups designed to assist individuals in achieving abstinence from any type of addictive behavior. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, SMART promotes recovery through four scientifically proven tools: Building and Maintaining Motivation, Coping with Urges, Problem Solving and Lifestyle Balance.

At SMART Recovery Houston meetings, participants work together to apply these tools while gaining support from others in recovery. The groups offer a welcoming community for individuals recovering from alcohol dependence, drug addiction or other compulsions related to food, gambling and more. SMART’s non-confrontational and nonreligious approach helps create a safe space for clients in all stages of their journey – from early contemplation to well into long-term recovery.

All services offered through SMART Recovery Houston are completely free and open to the public. The program relies on donations and volunteers to operate, removing financial barriers for clients. Open discussion formats allow participants to share what they need most while gaining insights from the diverse experiences of others. Newcomers are encouraged to attend as many meetings as desired, with no minimum commitment.

For many in Houston, SMART Recovery Houston provides an invaluable resource for healing, transformation and accountability. By giving participants practical tools, resources and community support, SMART Recovery Houston helps empower individuals to achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive behaviors at their own pace.

Conclusion: Through its science-based yet nonconfrontational approach, incorporation of cognitive behavioral therapy principles and emotionally supportive community, SMART Recovery Houston helps Houstonians on their recovery journeys gain the confidence, skills and understanding needed to achieve long-term life changes and heal from substance abuse issues at their own pace.