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Are you a Drug Addict? Try The AA Tokens Group, It Is One Of The Best Ways To Stop Abusing Alcohol.

Most people do not know that alcohol is addictive, even those that have an idea don’t really care about addiction. Truth of the matter is that alcohol is a drug just like any other and can lead to addiction. There are many people who have abused this drug to an extent of forgetting their lives and families, they end up spending their last penny on drinks. Most of them lose their jobs and get divorced because people do not like to associate themselves with losers. If you are one of them, do not worry, there is help.

The AA token programme is simply getting rewired with special coins.These coins are labelled with the time or period someone stayed sober. There are those for a day, a week a month, a year and the freedom coin.

If you want help from the AA group, you first have to accept that you are an addict and you need help. It is something that you decide on your own. You could choose to moderate or just stopping, most people will go for moderation. Moderation is most effective for individuals who have been abusing this drug for a long time. You should know however that you have the choice, moderation or just once.

The coins do not help you directly in curbing alcohol abuse.They are just coins handed over to you as a reward by the alcohol anonymous group. This is a group founded by Bill to help people curb the drug abuse.If you enrol to the group, you will be given these coins after you have been sober for a certain duration of time. They just motivate you to stay sober so that you can earn the last coin and stay sober forever.

These coins have different colours and are given to both sexes. There are not special coins for the women or men. In these classes, you will find that there are more men than women because most women consecrate in being housewife’s and raising the children straight.

You could choose to interact with the people in the course with you.This also helps in getting people in the right track. It is very effective because these people have been in the same shoes. You might come across someone who has lost everything they had in the name of drugs, someone worse than you, this will make certain that you are not going into the same way.

If you finish the course, you should have 14 coins. You could choose to keep the coins or sell them. Most people keep them so that they remind them of where they are from.

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